Generating Simoleons in the Best Way Possible


Efficient building of land into cities and filling it up with Sim population is the game behind SimCity. The city has to be developed to cater to the needs of the population. The population requires good residential homes to live in. They should then be provided basic infrastructure such as power, water and transport. Education can be provided within the same city or arrangements can be made to let the Sim children go to other cities to get education. Commercial stores sell ordinary products that the citizens may require such as groceries, commodities, essential items like paste, soap, oil and other goods for ordinary living. The Sim citizens require factories and industries nearby so that they get employment and produce goods and services that generate income. Money is given most priority in the city to run the city, to cater to expenses and provide essential requirements like hospitals, fire service, police station etc.

Factories: Factories will have to be kept running. Stores should be provided with products and goods so that residential buildings can be provided with the products. If the storage gets full, sell all excess products from the Trade Depot so that they have space for other products. By selling excess products you gain money while extra space can save products towards upgrading buildings. By keeping the factory running, your supplies will not run out and time criteria will also be maintained as you will have products whenever there is need.

Storage: You can upgrade the storage building to increase the storage space. Collect special items that cannot be manufactured in your factories. They can be collected from the speech bubbles that pop up. You can also buy them from the headquarters of Global Trade. By maintaining proper inventory of stocks, you can neither have over stock or under stock. By maintaining the right level of stock, you will have all products at the right moment.

In-App Purchase: The in-app purchases can be used to buy more SimCash. You can upgrade factories by expanding slots. These slots require Simoleons. You can upgrade factories only after gaining levels. You can also get money through simcity buildit hack by which you get an unlimited level of Simoleons to continue building your city and climb up many levels easily.

Utility Services: Upgrade the residential buildings with utility services like hospital, police and fire services. Do not build more residential buildings without these services as they will make residents leave the town. This requires cash. The utility services provide essential things like hospital facilities, protection from crime, protection from fire, good water facilities, unbroken power supply to keep houses and industries running, etc. If all the utilities are available the Sim Citizens are happy and contented. Otherwise discontent sets in and the citizens start vacating the town.

The mayor will have to keep the city functioning smoothly. The way he handles the requirements of the citizens, manages the resources and manages the income and expenditure shows his ability as a leader of the city.